Cosmopawlitan offers spa treatments
that are key to your pet's wellness.

Take advantage of our value-added

monthly maintenance programs.

Receive one full month of the Spa
Treatment of your choice for only $20.

Book a
Bath or Full Grooming session
to tidy up and style your pet.

Are you a DIYer? Come in for
Dog Wash
on Sundays!

Cat Grooming is now available!

Grooming Policies: click to download pdf

Drop your pet off for a day of play and
socializing! Have your pet well-taken
care of while you are at work, busy with
errands, or if you just want to fit in some
extra playtime for your pet.

Pet Stay Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:45am to 7:00pm, by
* Early drop-off with convenience fee

Rates: Half day/Full day
Per Session: $22 / $32
5-Day: $100 / $150 ($10 savings)
10-Day: $180 / $280 ($40 savings)
* Half day is up to 4.5 hours

Gain peace of mind and entrust your
dog or cat in the care of experienced pet
owners while you're out of town.
Cage-free, with playtime, walks and the
comforts of home!

$50/night per dog
$25/night per cat
* Trial night is required for all new clients.
Advance booking is required.
Additional $10/night per pet for holidays.

Spaces are limited and special
requirements apply, so please call early
to check for availability.
Cosmopawlitan Pet Boutique + Spa offers a relaxing, clean, stress-free and cage-free atmosphere for your pet. He or she will be treated with
love under our care.

Regular grooming is an integral part of your pet's health and well-being. In addition to providing the spa service of your choice to your pet, our
professional groomers will inform you of any unusual conditions that they notice, such as sensitive areas, bumps and infections.
Full grooming session
Brush out
Dental care
Ear cleaning
Click the Play button to view some of our latest Full Grooming Makeovers!
  • Facial
    Do you miss seeing your pet's beautiful eyes? Book a facial to
    trim away the hair around his/her eyes and remove unwanted
    tear stains.

  • Pawdicure
    Nail trim - Our maintenance program is recommended for
    pets of all ages.

  • Deluxe Pawdicure
    This treatment includes nail trim, paw pad hair removal and
    paw pad moisturizing. This treatment is excluded from the
    Monthly Maintenance Package.
  • Brush Out
    Our maintenance program is suggested between full
    grooming sessions to maintain a shiny and fluffy coat.

  • Dental Care
    In order for your pet to enjoy the full health benefits of
    good dental hygiene, make teeth brushing a part of his
    or her regular care with our popular monthly program.

  • Ear Cleaning
    Keep ears clean to avoid infections and more serious
    health problems.

  • Expression of Anal Glands
    Recommended for dogs with gland problems.
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